Mondiali Antirazzisti

EYESS – European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport

Mondiali Antirazzisti

Mondiali Antirazzisti is a sport event born in 1997 under initiative of UISP. In the 22nd edition, the event collects more than 5.000 people per day (for a total duration of 5 days) and consists in different sport and cultural activities: a football tournament 7vs7 with 170 teams without special rounds: female, male and mixed teams play altogether, there are no special rounds dividing for age; there’s no referees, each match is self refereed and the finals are played only with the penalties to underline the non competitive spirit.

One of the greatest strengths of the model stems in its flexibility and the related ability to give solutions to the local discriminatory needs. Indeed, since it is a genuine grassroots model, it has been replicated in other festivals and occasions involving the most appropriate solutions in terms of target/participants, sporting and cultural activities and duration to reach the specific goals. At the same time it has evolved over time on the basis of the suggestions, requests and ideas of civil society. For instance, this is the way other sports have been included along with football.

How it works

The matches are played contemporarily on 14 playgrounds. The teams are composed by supporters, migrant communities, refugees teams, antiracist and youth organisations from all over Europe, representing more than 70 nationalities.

Similarly, antiracist tournament of basketball (40 teams), volleyball (42 teams), rugby and touch rugby (10 teams), tchoukball (6 teams) are organized with the same characteristic of the football one.

Debates and cultural activities (as photo exhibition, presentation of books or movies) linked to the topic of anti discrimination in sport are also organised. In this framework, volunteering activities related to the provision of basic services and products (such as stands and kiosks housing cafe run by the partner organizations involved in the event) support its sustainability and contribute to the sense of engagement and self-commitment for socially significant issues and values.


Mondiali Antirazzisti has been mentioned as good practice in the ENAR “Shadow Report on Racism in Europe” and used a tool example by the DG EAC Unity Sport on the matter of social inclusion through sport.

In addition, in 2016 Mondiali Antirazzisti received the European Prize for Social Integration Through Sport promoted by EFUS as best practice in antidiscrimination and from The Italian Olympic Committee one of the 5 best practice in Italy on Sport and Integration. In 2018 ECCAR recognise the Mondiali Antirazzisti as best practice for sport combating racism and discrimination.