Pilot Events

EYESS – European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport

Pilot events

In order to put in practice the basic know-how acquired by partners in training sessions and to test organization and teams in the replication of the model of Mondiali Antirazzisti in their local areas, each partner will organize a local Pilot of Mondiali. It will represent a local tech rehearsal of the model that will be enlarged and improved in further editions.

Partner organizations will bring the lessons learned in Mondiali Antirazzisti in Italy to their local environment and will be responsible for carrying out a pilot version of the event on the basis of local needs.

Relevant stakeholders in local areas will get to know the Mondiali model and its local application as a tool to tackle discrimination and encourage social inclusion; while awareness will be raised on young people and potential participants about the importance of social inclusion through their participation in the tournament.

Each event is expected to mobilize around 30 players with mixed backgrounds (Erasmus students, students with special needs, local students, youngsters from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, migrants) and will be based on the sport and cultural activities selected by the local partner organization in agreement with local major needs. Thus, the local partner will engage public and private entities able to mobilize relevant target in the event.

At the same time, the experience gained by partners during the organization and implementation of such events will be translated in 5 case-studies that will enrich the toolkit and will contribute to its replicability in various EU contexts.

Further material and information about future pilot events in Italy, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Austria will be available soon.