Pilot Events

EYESS – European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport

Pilot events

In order to put in practice the basic know-how acquired by partners in training sessions and to test organization and teams in the replication of the model of Mondiali Antirazzisti in their local areas, each partner will organize a local Pilot of Mondiali. It will represent a local tech rehearsal of the model that will be enlarged and improved in further editions.

Partner organizations will bring the lessons learned in Mondiali Antirazzisti in Italy to their local environment and will be responsible for carrying out a pilot version of the event on the basis of local needs.

Relevant stakeholders in local areas will get to know the Mondiali model and its local application as a tool to tackle discrimination and encourage social inclusion; while awareness will be raised on young people and potential participants about the importance of social inclusion through their participation in the tournament.

Each event is expected to mobilize around 30 players with mixed backgrounds (Erasmus students, students with special needs, local students, youngsters from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, migrants) and will be based on the sport and cultural activities selected by the local partner organization in agreement with local major needs. Thus, the local partner will engage public and private entities able to mobilize relevant target in the event.

At the same time, the experience gained by partners during the organization and implementation of such events will be translated in 5 case-studies that will enrich the toolkit and will contribute to its replicability in various EU contexts.


The COVID-19 outbreak negatively affected ongoing or planned activities under EYESS project.

As in our private and professional lives, also the project needed to adapt to this different and totally unexpected scenario.

The main objectives of the project needed to be pursued, while fully respecting all the containment measures taken at national and EU level.

The result was a wonderful mosaic of pilots. They showed some of the infinite ways to make the model of Mondiali Antirazzisti fit local contexts and needs.

Since November 2019 until now pilots were implemented gathering more than 400 people in the sporting events and 1.000 people for the online ones and embarked an incredible diversity of sporting and cultural activities.

Depending on the place occupied by the pilot within the EU and National pandemic curve and the specific security restrictions, the events shaped differently.


The Danish pilot tool place between 29 November and 1 dec 2019.

It was the first academic application of the Mondiali Antirazzisti model and it was a triumph. The name of the event was “Mondiali Antirazzisti- Nordic Edition”. It was housed in the premises of the Ollerup University, in Denmark.

First and foremost, Mondiali Nordic Edition was a tournament in chieftain ball, where community, equality and understanding across cultures are fundamental. However, in addition to sport, music and cultural events provided an opportunity for debate and cultural exchange.

Thanks to the pre-covid situation, the organization was easier than the following pilots and enabled also solutions forbidden by the security measures forced afterwards. Indeed, the university became and indoor camping and participants spent 3 days together, doing sport in the day and cultural meetings and events in the evening.

Ollerup team created a cozy and fun weekend where around 100 participants have the opportunity to play, talk, laugh, and have fun with each other.

Further information about the event can be found in the Facebook event (link Link to Facebook)


The EYESS Hungarian pilot event was held in Budapest on the 26th of September at BME Sporttelep.

During a full-day event, Hungarian pilot housed sport activities as well as awareness-raising workshops about racism in sports. Sports included football, beach volleyball and ultimate frisbee. Besides the tournaments, the participants could try Teqball, Teqsports, Capoeira, Cuban Salsa, Zumba, Krav Maga, Yoga, Breakdance and other fun activities throughout the day.

The event promoted sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle and aimed to create a safe space for everyone. Organizers put an emphasis on advocating solidarity and tolerance, involving more than 250 participants

Bais team was supported by its good team of volunteers and also leveraged the FARE network for the contribution to the event.

Further information about the event can be found in the Facebook event (Link to Facebook)


The EYESS Austrian pilot project took place on Saturday 3 October, organised by VIDC in cooperation with the Viennese grassroots association

Verein NEUER START انجمن اغاز نوین and two volunteers from who took part in the Mondiali training.

The pilot Mondiali in Vienna was a full-day event with a volleyball tournament under the motto #WirHabenPlatz, the same organised in manifestations supporting Moris refugees camp.

The COVID19 restrictions made the organisation not easy, it was not possible for all registered teams to attend, and the same was true for the social part, which included the distribution of food. Anyway, the event managed to gather all participants in full security thanks to the following measures:

  • translation of all information provided by the government for the participating associations
  • to be prepared for a cancellation of the event, something that luckily did not happen
  • to accomplish all needed sanitary and security measures, as disinfection of spaces and equipment
  • close the event to the public

The event promoted involving more about 90 participants

Further information about the event can be found in the Facebook event ( Link to Facebook)


In Italy, the pilot Mondiali was initially planned as a two-day huge sport and cultural event housed in the most important and beautiful square of Sulmona, piazza Garibaldi.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency planned activities needed to be entirely reinvented. Horizon Service organized a very alternative pilot Mondiali which, despite everything, was a success.

A group of young volunteers with different backgrounds in terms of geographic origins and abilities, elaborated on the idea of inclusion in sports and translated these discussions and reflections into some outputs (e.g. drownings, videos, music performances). These outputs were presented in the Italian Pilot Mondiali, that took place on Monday 19 October 2020 in Sulmona (Italy). The event was streamed via Facebook, gathering more than 1 thousand visualizations. This event was also an  occasion to present EYESS project activities and introduce the team project devoted to this adventure, also with the aim of attracting the attention and engagement of potential further volunteers to be involved in next versions of Pilot Mondiali in Sulmona.

In addition, we hope that the project will be the background for a greater understanding and acceptance between different social groups in society.