Communication Campaign


The communication activity represents a fundamental pillar in a project with aiming to transfer the experience of Mondiali Antirazzisti. In this perspective, the dissemination activity becomes a fundamental opportunity not only to transfer the project beyond the 5 countries involved but also to strengthen the involvement of European, national and local institutions, thus ensuring better replicability of the project.

Given this premise, the concrete objectives entrusted to communication and dissemination are:

  • To contribute to the frontal training activity in Modena (Italy), through a didactic and copy-editorial planning. The training aims to transfer organizational know-how and communication skills to replicate the experience of the Mondiali Antirazzisti
  • To support the communication path developed by the organizers of the event Mondiali Antirazzisti whose strategic, creative and media outlook will also become a tool for all events scheduled within EYESS
  • Support all partners for the correct preparation and implementation of EYESS communication activities and especially Pilot events.  This coaching also represents a training path (learning by doing) which should strengthen the skills acquired through frontal training
  • To implement the Mondiali toolkit both in the materials and in the graphic design project whose primary purpose is to facilitate the replicability of the event
  • To disseminate the toolkit in order to create favourable conditions for the replicability of the event beyond the borders of the partner countries