EYESS – European Youth Engaging in Solidarity and Sport

Training at Mondiali Antirazzisti

(Bosco Albergati, 1-2 May 2019)

In order to provide partners and their volunteers with the basic know-how in practical and theoretical terms in order to be able to replicate the model of Mondiali Antirazzisti in their local areas (i.e. Pilot events), Associazione Ares 2.0 and UISP elaborated a set of training materials.

These training pivoted a culture of robust management, sustainability and effective communication process relating to sporting events against discrimination. The material was presented during the Mondiali Antirazzisti in Bosco Albergati (IT) through a learning process based on interaction and application of concepts/patterns to potential real situations

In addition to theoretical training sessions, each partner also supported UISP in the organization of the event during its implementation and youngsters especially enjoyed the games.


  • EYESS – 8 step to develop an effective communication plan: PDF Document (English) – PDF Slides (English)
  • EYESS – Concept and creation of the communication campaign: PDF Document (English) – PDF Slides (English)
  • EYESS – Social media and content strategy: PDF Document (English) – PDF Slides (English)
  • EYESS – Executive Communication Plan (English)
  • EYESS – Online communication of a social event (Infographic EN)
  • EYESS – How to organize Mondiali Antirazzisti ((Infographic EN)
  • EYESS – Toolkit download: ENDEHUELDAIT